HES: Stipendiatenkolloquium am 22. August

Am 22. August findet unser nächstes Stipendiatenkolloquium statt. Auch diesmal wird es auf Wunsch der Stipendiaten ein Doppelkolloquium geben.  Beginn ist um 17.30 Uhr im Seminarraum des Forschungszentrums.

Zsombor Tóth (Budapest): The Hungarian Translation of the Evangelium Infantiae Arabicum: the Making of a Text Edition

The Evangelium Infantiae Arabicum is an apocryphal gospel, which was first edited and printed in a bilingual, Arabic and Latin edition, by the orientalist Henry Sike (1669–1712). A Hungarian Calvinist student, Mihály Pap Szatmári (1737–1812), while in Leiden during the 1760s, found this book and translated it to Hungarian. Later on, Szathmári became a professor of theology at the College of Klausenburg, and wrote 2 books related to orientalism, which brought him fame and international acclaim. However, Szatmári’s translation remained a manuscript, for he had never published it. It remains a mistery, why a man with internationally accepted expertise on orientalism, did not publish or at least promote in any possible way this translation of the Evagelium Infantiae Arabicum. For one should note that Szathmári’s work was, and presumably still is, the only extant Eastern-European translation of this apocryphal gospel. Accordingly, my lecture will propose a few reflections upon this particular enterprise complemented by a textual analysis exhibiting the findings of the comparison between the Latin and the Hungarian versions of the apocryphal gospel.

Ankündigung zum Download: 2013-08-22_Aushang_Tóth (pdf, 336KB)

Giulia Perucchi (Florenz): Petrarca’s manuscripts between Gotha and Erfurt

Among the works of Petrarca (1304–1374) the De remediis utriusque fortune is one of the most important, but despite its wide fortune which continued in the 17th century it hasn’t yet any critical edition. The Amplonianische Bibliothek owns one of the oldest copies of the treatise (1395). This paper will focus on the textual relations between some chapters of the De remediis concerning the education of children and the letter Familiaris VII 17, conserved in the manuscript now in Gotha, Chart. A 869.

Ankündigung zum Download: 2013-08-22_Aushang_Perucchi (pdf, 336KB)

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